Why I Love My E-Reader

Betty loved reading, a love she had nurtured
in the late twenties during an eighteen-month stint
in prison.

(We suspect she’d been making moonshine
to support her family.)

Nevertheless, she did love books,
and when pulp fiction came along, the old
science fiction books were the one she loved best.

Rockets to the moon and flying cars
were the least of it. She craved the technology
the books hinted at. Beds made for perfect slumber;
computers that could talk; telephone calls where
one could see who they were talking to; laundering
machines that folded clean clothes; vacationing
on the moon or Mars; perfect foods one needed to eat
but once a day; robots to take the drudgery from life; and
reading books on computer tablets.

All these things fascinated Betty, and she dreamed
of taking advantage of every luxury.
Watching movies on a computer screen.
Glasses with a computer connection.
Electric cars that used no gas at all.
Portable communication devices.
Hydroponic gardens.
3-D printing.

She would have loved living in the future.


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