Through thick and thin and dreadful headache brought on by sinus pressure and changing weather and terribly busy morning, I finally bring you the first poem of the day – a statement poem. My statement is:

Walter Crane 1845-1915.US Public domain

Be Careful What You Wish For

If you wish for rain
. . . pack for a flood.

If you wish for a fish
. . . don’t forget about Jonah.

If you wish for money
. . . say goodbye to all your friends.

If you wish for wisdom,
. . . expect many more trials.

If you wish for more time
. . . you will grow older, and everything will slow down.

If you wish for sunshine
. . . watch out for a sunburn.

If you wish for more wishes
. . . expect dandelions.

If you wish for more patience,
. . . guess that it will soon be sorely tried.

If you wish for your one true love
. . . you may find a friendly stray dog.

If you wish your headache would stop,
. . . prepare for zombies (they want your braaainns).

If you wish for Friday to get here faster
. . . you may find yourself waking from a coma one Friday.

If you wish everyone would just go away
. . . you will probably find yourself lonely.

If you wish for more time with loved ones
. . . you may find yourself on the other side of this life.

If you wish you were more like your mom or dad
. . . look in the mirror and smile.



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