By fate’s caprice, that awful day, and for no other
reason we comprehend, they were at work
when the fire started. How could they know that
life as they knew it was about to change
forever? It is a curious thing,
that people replay over and over
the day of a tragedy. They question.
They doubt. Their minds continue to circle
endlessly about the somehow morbid
question: What could we have done differently?
People say with satisfaction that no
human lives were lost, but a family has
been broken. The black smoke took not only
all the things that made up their house, but cher-
ished animal friends that helped make
it home. Broken hearts insist there is no
healing, there’s no bringing back buried hopes.
But at the foot of the stair to heaven,
on the rainbow bridge, their best friends await,
wagging tails, happy grins, til that distant
day, to greet adored family once more.


Written for Poetic Asides, Quickly, and for Tina  and Thomas Batt.

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