A cup of coffee and breakfast
or a birthday lunch.
Sometimes I need my sister.
A party for the kids. Maybe
a movie with everyone.
I just want time with my sister.
Holiday dinners, graduations,
summer picnics with fireworks.
It’s always good to see my sister.
She was there when I had a broken
heart, when I needed a hug, when
my life fell apart. And I’ve been
there for her. We chat, and there
is a look we share when we know
what the other is thinking, a shared laugh.
“Remember when…” and
“That was hard,” and
“Oh, I loved that day!” and
“I love you, sis.”

2 thoughts on “Sisters

    • When that happens, there can always be someone in your life who you might feel is “as close as a sister” to you, so you may not be missing as much as you thought. (Chosen sisters can be a blessing, too. <3)

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