Colors for Family



Oranges; the citrus spray fills the air
as we cut off peels and cut out segmentspeas
for the orange jello, a family
recipe that has a frosting of Cool
Whip. Next, we cut Key limes in half so
we can extract the juice. It takes a while,
but the time flies, and our hands smell so good.
Condensed milk and powdered sugar blended
with the juice and the beige liquid goes in
the beige crust. We know how good it tastes, the
color is just right. Potatoes peeled and
onions and carrots placed around the roast,
and it goes into the oven. Shell the fresh
green peas and make sure the rolls are rising.
They get cooked at the last minute so allkey lime pie
the food is ready at the same time. And
though I prepare the food alone today,
the generations of cooks that taught me
are still somehow here with me today. When
the kids arrive, they smell the air, approval
written on their faces. The colorful
repast is the work of family, for


For Poetic Asides and Quickly‘s prompts.


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