She rolled down her window to
catch some of that fresh spring air
(and probably a load of pollen with it)
and as the wind whipped through her car
it snatched the five-dollar bill that
was in her cup holder and whisked
it away through the window. She snatched
at it, missed, and swerved to stay in her
own lane. Darn, she thought. No
drive-through breakfast today. Just her luck.
Was God trying to tell her she was too fat?
Scowling, she continued her drive to work.

He huddled in his worn coat, hoping the sun
would warm things a little faster. Winter
was over at last, but spring was still too
chilly for someone who sleeps outside.
Something caught his eye, a piece of paper
whirling in the air, and falling, right in front of him.
His dog strained her lead to capture it,
wagging her tail, and she brought it to him.
It was a five-dollar bill, still soggy with her
saliva, but it was a godsend. They would
both eat today. Smiling, he and his dog
huddled on the sunny bench.

Written for Poetic Asides Poem a Day challenge.


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