Quickly‘s prompt was a challenge, writing a poem with a repetitive element. I had to think all day. This is what I came up with.

Sad with birds

Walk On

Mother and child holding hands
passing someone sleeping on the street.
The son pauses, curious, the mother says,
Walk on, walk on.

Climbing the library steps
a broken bird flutters, helpless.
Without words, dozens pass.
Walk on, walk on.

Schoolyard bullies’ recent victim
cries bitter tears behind the slides.
Other children know the drill.
Walk on, walk on.

Dog chained up all day and night,
lonely, rarely fed, skin and bone.
Neighbors don’t seem to notice.
Walk on, walk on.

Someone’s boss at work explodes,
hurls invective at the hapless assistant.
Other workers look down as she packs.
Walk on, walk on.

The student comes to school with bruises
and haunted eyes that never meet yours.
Teachers, students, no one wants to know.
Walk on, walk on.

Don’t be the one who doesn’t see,
can’t help, is afraid to stand up.
Don’t be the one who always says,
Walk on, walk on.


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