Why Write?

I had more of a band wagon than I thought when answering this question.  I must say, the short answer is: Because I Can. ^_^


Writer Line Drawing

Why Write?

Why? When most people don’t even “get” poetry;
Why? When it takes a chunk out of my busy life;
Why? When I wonder if anyone even sees my words;
Why? When people roll their eyes at my efforts;
Why? When I know I’ll never be another Browning or Dickenson or Angelou;
Why? When it feels like torture to make words flow;
Why? When my husband falls asleep while I read him my words;
Why? When I wonder if I will just run out of ideas?


Because I can.

I am not silenced by others’ judgments of me.
I am not made to quit by angry family members.
I am not prized only for looking pretty or being someone else’s muse.
I am not stilled by the conditions of my life, by hunger or poverty.
I am not silenced by patriarchal authority or told to stay in the kitchen.
I am not oppressed by my government or politicians.
I am not tormented by gangs or warlords or enemies fighting on my doorstep.

I am free.

I am here.

I have a voice.

And as long as I do, I will speak, not only for myself,
but for those with no voice to say the words I want to say;
sometimes silly, sometimes deep, sometimes reverent
or important or meaningless or political or tender.
Because sometimes I get a frisson of truth tickling my spine
when I know I’m on the right track.
Because there are only three famous women poets that come to mind,
as if our voices are just not as important as mens’ voices,
and we deserve to be heard.

These are my words.
I will do with them as I wish.

So, carry on. Roll your eyes. Fall asleep.
I am doing something important here.



13 thoughts on “Why Write?

  1. I like your poem with all the I will do it no matter what. That part on sleep was cute and fun. Not just a series of poems but even one poem can give off many emotions. Thank you!

    • Emily Dickenson, of course. ❤ And there should be so many more that come to mind, don't you think? (I mention all three on the 4th/5th line of the poem…) ^_^

      • Yes you do mention them! Silly me to see only 2 out of three. Well,I love having some wine and reading poetry. So I believe it was a slightly blurry-eyed me! ❤
        I am resisting Googling female poets because I want more to just…. come to mind.
        No luck, yet! 🙂

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