Today’s poem was fun to write. I took random words from a magnetic poetry site and formed the work you see below. I loved the freshness of using words I might not usually choose, of trying to form ideas from random groupings.


Moon Shine

Rain suits me; love has no meaning here.
The forest smells of blood…
but we needed some beauty in life.

Cool summer crush. Bare skin, swim, shine.
Water-playing, moon-chanting boy,
I soar with him. Tiny moans; his fast feet.
Our petal-red lust juicy,
my breast rose to a friend.

Yet, though I see us there,
his shadow could never be he.
Retch-boiling-achy scream.
A sad cry is what language is for.

A day did not show who you are.


(Click HERE to see the original.)


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