Better Late Than Never

Honestly, I think being late is rude. I am rarely late, and if I am, I am quite embarrassed and apologetic. But our modern world runs on clocks and watches and deadlines and so we are forced to grow up and have good manners and keep our promises and try not to be late. All the same, I wonder if the natural world has it right…



People invented time;
animals have no need of it.
They know when to sleep and wake.
When to eat and drink.
They know when to fly south for the winter
or snuggle into a burrow to hibernate.
They don’t need clocks to know
when it’s time to mate or give birth
or run from an enemy
or when to nuzzle their baby.

People invented time;
trees have no need of it.
They know when to sprout and grow.
Plants know when to bloom
and when to drop their seeds,
when to push out new leaves and shoots
and when to pull back,
drop leaves,
and dream.

People might do well to live
less by the incessant demands
of time
and more by the natural order
of their hearts.

4 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never

    • I do my best to be an adult because someone once told me that being late is just like saying one is more important than the person who is on time. D: Which is something I don’t feel I want to project. 😛 My boss is an attorney and uses his tardiness as a bludgeon at times, so I can see the point, I guess. However, everyone has an off day, right? ^_^

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