A busy morning and no means of recording leaves me no way to complete a recording of myself to publish here, as I was challenged to do. I may get to that one day. In the meantime, I chose to write about ways to be brave, spontaneous, and audacious, without getting into trouble. And if you’d care to, take the challenge in the last line and tell me your motto(s). ^_^ Be Brave!!



I think everyone needs one, a motto, I mean,
to make choices easier, to make life serene.
A motto to live by, to help one decide
when choice is confusing it’s used as a guide.

For if the decision is made in advance
it’s a simpler way not to leave things to chance.
Of course, as mottos go, I think mine are best
and are easy to turn to in times that are stressed.

One is simply: “No Fear,” because it seems a shame
not to make friends, say hello, and trade names.
I think living in fear is just no way to live
Fearing to act makes me feel like a captive.

And then when I do make some foolish gaffe
It’s easier to simply confess with a laugh
rather than hiding and feeling ashamed
and worrying whether or not I’ll be blamed.

The other is “Never, Ever Argue Mad,
because that leads to anger and words that are sad.
Those words are never forgotten or retrieved
and the heart that received them forever is grieved.

Two simple mottoes, as easy as it gets,
that help me live fully without any regrets.
I challenge you to find your own motto, too,
then share your mottoes with me, if you do!


5 thoughts on “Mottoes

  1. Love the poem and I love your motto’s. Both are very good, especially not arguing mad. My motto? Treat everybody the same…we may be different, believe different, think different, look different, but we are all equal.

  2. “Always part with love in your heart” A sweet Good-bye kiss and no door slamming.
    You can finish the problem or argument when you get back together.
    How will you feel if: you say something horrible to someone you love, head off to work, and they get in a car accident and die. You’ll have to live with those last words and feelings.

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