Guilty Secret

Don’t tell me you don’t need time alone sometimes. We all do. Sometimes a person has to strategize to get what they need without any grief.

Reality Contest

Guilty Secret

“What are you doing?”
he calls from downstairs.

“Watching Project Runway,”
I call, as I turn up the volume on the show.

I hear a groan as he mutters something
to himself, then he says, “Enjoy that.”

And I smile to myself.

In my house of boys and men, none will
disturb me if one of those silly shows is on.
You know the ones.
The dancing shows,
the hairstyle shows,
the makeup shows.

And while I am alone,
not really paying much attention to the TV,
I have cherished time to myself,
to read, to put on a facial masque,
to paint my toenails,
or text my friends.

It’s my secret.
And now, it’s yours too.



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