Hunger + Some other emotion = Poem. So, since I can never do things the easy way, I chose ALL of the emotions. We are left with a long day and so many possibilities.

Wikipedia Public Domain Image

Long Flight

A long flight, made longer by the pre-arrival time,
the flight delays, the gate change, the layovers.
Feeling almost hung-over at this point,
but oh, how the adrenaline is pumping.

What will I say? What should I do?
Do I plan the reunion in my mind,
or just let things flow naturally?

All of these hours
(that have followed days
and weeks and months of planning)
are for naught:
Who knows what will happen?
Will my beloved even be here?
Will we recognize one another?

Moving with the terminal traffic:
pilots and stewardesses speeding by,
another day, another airport;
families with children, each of them
unhappy, haggard;
businessmen in suits with loosened ties,
always on the phone with someone;
others like me, anxious, eager,
nervous, excited, frightened,


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