A silly ditty on the day before Hallowe’en. Everyone feels a bit more jocular in the last few days of October, before November’s serious mien presents itself, and all this frivolity will be frowned at and forgotten.




On the eve of Hallowe’en
(which is the eve of All Saints Day)
last minute preparations seem
a bit of mystery to convey:
an aura lent of ghosts unseen
and ready to come out and play,
scurrying with gladdened mien,
keeping worried thoughts at bay
at the thought that they’ll be seen
or maybe if, as they all pray,
gods grant they leave this mortal scene
and no longer pause, delay
their hopes that they depart, that clean
their consciences may finally stay
and thus their souls need not careen
more here in the mortal clay,
but fly away to heaven’s routine,
all on the eve of Hallowe’en.


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