In My Dream

Dreams are weird. And that’s really all I have to say about that. Except that perhaps it is trying to tell me something.

Dream of Solomon by Luca Giordano, circa 1693

Dream of Solomon by Luca Giordano, circa 1693

In my dream,
the class was held in a stadium.
Hotel rooms circled it,
(mine was room 21)
and one walked directly to class
from one’s room.

In my dream,
the teacher taught in a Socratic style,
students gathered round, reclining,
except for me. I tried to take notes,
but he was speaking Greek.
The other students laughed
when I tried to answer questions.

In my dream,
we discussed evening gowns
for the party, and where we would shop
and what dresses we liked. (I liked blue.)
But mine had disappeared,
so I went to ask for help.

In my dream,
a score of Mascots showed up to help.
I noticed the mascot dressed as Fred Flintstone
was actually Bruce Campbell. I smiled, how nice.
And then Fred Flintstone was behind me, nibbling my ear,
Which annoyed me to no end. But then, when I looked behind me,
Fred/Bruce had transformed into my ex.
I was so upset, I decided it was finally time
for that restraining order.

In my dream,
the students all came to my room with me
to search for the paperwork I needed for that
restraining order. And there,
in one of the, drawers
was my lovely blue
evening gown.


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