Super-Hero/ine Addict

Catman Comics

Super-Hero/ine Addict

“Look! Up in the sky!”
And, of course, we do look,
craving a sight of that miraculous being,
dependable, patriotic, strong
and, most importantly, beautiful.

Because isn’t that the way of it?
Our heroes must be lovely as well,
as if to tell the world how good they are?
And the villains, hell, they’re required
to have some scar, some outward sign
that they are evil, that they’ve been
twisted and no longer walk the path
of righteousness.

So, us ugly-duckling kids,
we all fall for the tales,
of course we do,
knowing in our hearts
a hero/ine will surely save us,
but also wondering,
a bit darkly perhaps,
if we aren’t meant to be
the lovely ones’


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