Perhaps a cynical take on the news. But really, mustn’t one take it all with a grain of salt?



Heads squawk shrilly, who even notices,
this is how the news is presented now?
Danger, caution, horror, deadly, evil,
all words to make us watch and fear. It’s like
another world, their jarring shrieking world
of frightening, attention-getting headlines.
The idea is that ratings rule all,
so hearing that ebola is loose? Huge,
pay-attention scares endlessly discussed,
neveryoumind that measles is ten times
as infectious and besides, some famous
people say the measles vaccine causes
autism. So, the logic goes, and so
they give celebrities time in the spot-
light, and not the scientists who dryly
tell the facts. Oh yeah, and by the way, a
puppy was rescued from a ditch today,
shared to let you know they do have a heart.

News Propaganda


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