____________ Trouble

This is a a bit of a feminist rant, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, this has been your fair warning. ^_^

Hearing voices

Self-Esteem Trouble

Young and the prettiest she’ll ever be,
(though she won’t know that until she’s much older)
she doesn’t like her body or her looks,
and can’t understand why boys
look at her that way,
and treat her like they do;
like she is a prize they are competing for.

She hears words from her mother,
like “rape culture”
and “slut shaming”
but doesn’t know how they might affect her
or why her mother gets so angry
when someone says, “Boys will be boys.”

She just knows that she will never
be as lovely as
those girls in Glamor, Vogue, Allure or Seventeen.

She just knows that she will never
be that thin.

So she feels less than what she is supposed to be,
less than pretty,
less than perfect.
And isn’t perfection is what it’s all about?

So she is miserable,
horrified by her lovely young body.
Loving (and hating)
the attention boys give her;
uncertain about how they
expect (demand) she should react;
her spirit eaten up by flaws
invisible to everyone
but her.


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