Timely/Timeless – Valkyrie

This is a different kind of Veteran’s Day poem. ^_^ All hail the All Father! The topic was Timely/Timelss and in my mind, it fits. (And I am not certain, but this form may be something called a Swinburne…)

The Valkyrie's Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes

The Valkyrie’s Vigil, by Edward Robert Hughes

Valkyrie’s Task

There she stands, waiting, weary,
Valkyrie in armor, cheery.
Strong and swift as raging storms,
Thunder rattles, life deforms.
Battle-dreary death transforms.

Gather now, the warrior dead,
Standing fiercely, lifted head.
Greet them with a warrior’s kiss,
Grapple gladly, naught’s amiss
to Valhal instead dismiss.

At the Bifrost, taking stock,
Heimdallr grant the gate unlock.
On, ye heroes, your reward
is here within, a Viking hoard
Never knock, come, sheathe your sword.

Here the ballads echo ringing
Songs of heroes all are singing
Those with faith in Odin’s rede
Died defending freedom’s creed
Maidens bringing food and mead.

Grant ye haven here, most blest,
Fought ye battles, now to rest
on Valhalla’s golden shores
Triumph taken in your wars,
Done your quest, all here is yours.

So, Valkyries Midgard wander
Seeking battle’s dead down yonder
Sweep them up by lightning’s light
Granting glory with their flight
Warriors ponder heaven tonight.


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