My favorite quote about happiness and aging and being young at heart. I truly believe that if you haven’t grown up by age 50, you don’t have to. ^_^

Bacchante by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Bacchante by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Growing old is Mandatory. Growing up is optional.
-Carroll Bryant

For someone of my advanced years,
with decades far behind me,
experience of joy and tears,
and painful thoughts that blind me

I’ve found the best way to proceed
through this life’s endless sorrow,
is to let go hurt, hate, and greed
and look toward tomorrow.

Enjoy the things that children do,
try living in the moment.
Enjoy the clouds, the skies of blue,
the puddles, and the rain’s scent.

Be unafraid to play and laugh,
or feel that you’re ludicrous,
for someone who can make a gaffe
and be amused is luminous.

Some say not to sweat the small stuff,
and it’s all small stuff, you see,
the love of life is just enough
to be merry, blessed, and free.

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