Playing catch up after a nice camping weekend. The prompt on the 14th was “follow.”

Duck with ducklings


Mamma duck, shooing her ducks in a line,
they take to the water, hurry, have fun.
Mamma bear watching as cubs play and tumble,
she lets out a rumble, they turn tail and run.
Mamma bird hunts for her babies’ dinner
while pappa takes care of the chicks in the nest.
Mom otter playfully swims in the sea,
sleeps holding hands, her babes on her chest.
Good parents always take care of their young.
They love them and hold them and tend their needs.
Our children will follow these loving examples
of kind, loving parents, and copy our deeds.
Never fear, parents, you’re doing it right.
Just love your kids and the future is bright.

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