Don’t take this the wrong way and please don’t get hurt feelings if you don’t, but I do care deeply about grammar and I try very hard not to judge. ^_^ Also, I make mistakes too, and if you see one of mine, please let me know. (The humiliation would be well worth it to correct something.) And on the off chance you’re looking to learn, I suggest The Chicago Manual of Style.

Good grammar is sexy.

Good grammar is sexy.


When, as a young girl of eleven,
spelling was truly a trial,
Focusing on my affliction
it was best not to live in denial.

So, with the help of a primer,
I made myself learn how to spell.
(Practice: the heart of all learning,
and not letting oneself just rebel.)

Then, taking classes in grammar,
and learning the structuring ways
of sentences, paragraphs, pages
and on to work wording for days.

Soon I became a grammarian
who cared so deeply it hurt
when wounding a sentence (in public!)
could put me in crisis alert.

I try not to hurt someone’s feelings
when truly, they are hurting mine
by hacking and thrashing the language
and then acting like everything’s fine.

Don’t tell me that “you just seen it.”
Don text “R U ready to go?”
Don’t tell me that it doesn’t matter.
It matters to me, don’t you know?

In a world where folks seem uncaring
about how to speak and to write
it truly becomes an affliction
to live in a world with such blight.


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