dog ate my homework


I forgot
Bad paté
I got lost
It got late
I got busy
I need bail
I’m moving
I had a fever
I have the flu
It was too hot
I have cramps
I caught a bug
It was too cold
I lost my voice
I’m contagious
I ran out of gas
It was too early
Tummy trouble
I have jury duty
My tire was flat
No hablo Ingles
I missed the bus
My kids got lice
My kids are sick
I was locked out
My grandma died
I have a headache
My back went out
I couldn’t afford it
I broke my glasses
My car was repoed
I changed my mind
The cows got loose
My car broke down
I got food poisoning
The map was wrong
My house is flooded
The road was closed
I lost my contact lens
Time is not my friend
My carpool forgot me
I was in a car accident
I lost track of the time
I had to go to a funeral
I have to wash my hair
My alarm didn’t go off
The check’s in the mail
A tree fell on my house
My house burned down
I’m working from home
I burned myself cooking
My garage door snapped
It went through the wash
I had to have a root canal
My cousin went into labor
My house was broken into
My dog ate my homework
The doctor gave me a note
My mom said I couldn’t go
I had a doctor’s appointment
I was getting blood work done
Don’t speak, I have a migraine
We had to put our dog to sleep
I was a witness to a hit and run
I have to wait for the cable guy
I remembered on the wrong day
I was up all night with a sick pet
My girlfriend tied me up and left
The battery in my cell phone died
My cat is lost and I have to find her
I promised someone else I’d go with them
Family came in from out of town unexpectedly
I hadn’t realized you really expected me to show up


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