I’ll Never ___________

I’m sorry to tell you this, but the people we loved who’ve moved on? We never stop missing them. Ever.

Betty and Patricia

Betty and Patricia


I’ll Never Kiss You Again

Lips now stilled from smiles and frowns,
your contrary remarks and
your kindnesses.
Voice now dried and gone.
Eyes closed, never to open.
Hands so quiet
resting from the labors of
over eighty years.

Yes, your back was stooped,
yes, your knees creaked,
but you laughed and said
“Old age ain’t for sissies.”

And you laughed with me
and you were proud of me
and you were my rock
and foundation
and I loved you.

You may be gone from earth,
but you will never be gone from me.
Your name is remembered
through tales I’ve told my children.
Your deeds recounted in story
poem and journal
and your memory lives on,
at least as long as I am still here.

For now my hair is graying,
and lines crease where I laugh,
and my hands gather spots
and remind me of yours.

I like my coffee just like you liked yours.
I rock in the chair you gave me
and think of the past.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Never ___________

  1. Love it, but suppose you took literary license with reference to your gray hair and wrinkle lines! I don’t see anything like that on you, sweetie. Xxx

  2. People who say to a grieving person “you need to move on?”
    I want to smack them hard upside the head with a ham.
    One should be ashamed to be so callous to another’s grief.
    A beautifully written piece.
    Dolly from poetryofthenetherworld.blogspot.com

    • People move on when they’re ready, and anyone who tries to force the issue is just cruel.

      Thanks for visiting and for your follow. ❤ And thanks for the kind words. ^_^

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