I know people love a glimpse into another’s life; no matter how mundane my days seem, to someone else, they may be fascinating. So here is a peek. ^_^


Why I Love My Job

Alarm goes off at the same time each day.
The snooze button is smushed
the requisite number of times.

Shower, hair dryer, the sleepy selection
of clothes, tights, heels, bag.
Then to glorious coffee, always
premade by my delicious husband.

And off to work, the drive determined
by traffic, weather, and mood.
It usually takes 24 minutes
(though on one memorable occasion after
a monsoon flood washed out the roads
it took two hours).

In to the office, put away my bag,
my lunch, boot up the computer.

But my work? My work is different every day.
Civil litigation may have similar documents,
similar routines, similar tasks,
but every case is different.
Otherwise, I would perish from boredom.


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