I received the prompt “High” today, and pondered a moment and what occurred to me was something I’ve been thinking about lately: that though ones physical body may be impaired or held, ones mind is free; so though a person may be imprisoned, their soul may wander where it will, that though things may happen to his body, none can destroy his soul, and that is where his humanity lies. Yes, I know, deep thoughts, right? But then I wondered if the most spiritual person on earth at this moment is someone locked away who has that knowledge.

Maybe it’s time to reread The Count of Monte Cristo.

The Prisoner

Highest of the High, Lowest of the Low

Dweller of the deepest prison
locked in anguish, left for dead.
body weak, yet soul arisen,
light as air his spirit’s tread.
Man imprisoned, heart unbled.

For this humble man, confined
kept in dark and dismal cellar,
knows the secrets of the mind;
though a subterranean dweller,
spirit stellar, joy entwined.

He knows that no jail on earth
can keep his mind locked away.
He alone knows his true worth,
he alone keeps pain at bay;
rebirth his misery allay.

So he ponders, deep perception:
his inner world is beauteous, bright.
Squalor is a base deception
when your inner world’s alight.
Calm reflection cleanses night.

So here, the lowest of the low,
brightly beaming soul so tall,
proves a lesson we should know:
the high may surely stumble, fall;
and those below may heaven recall.



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