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Determined, chin firm,
all the right words playing
in her head,
resolute, almost cocky
about how impervious she is,
she feels no qualms
going out with him.

She misunderstands her heart’s strength.

It is not strong, buttressed against this moment.
It is not firm, fearless,
ready to resist any nonsense
withstand any blandishments.
No, oh

Her heart has been strong waiting
for this moment, for him to wish
her company, and now, fickle,
is primed to melt at any hint
of a gentle touch.

She doesn’t know her lonesome soul
is ready to love
at the most ridiculous of
the tiniest of hopes she may be given.

There is no resisting
a heart that is ready to

April 1, 2015, Poetic Asides Poem a day challenge


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