Infernal Machine

woman listening to radio - c 1930s (1)


Infernal Machine

Face aglow (from the monitor’s light)
but also from the pleasure of
catching up with her niece’s new baby,
her best friend’s dogs,
a new movie trailer,
that hilarious meme.

But when does it go from
harmless fun
to something destructive
and exhausting.

Don’t find yourself slipping
into obsessively checking
and rechecking
and triplechecking
your feed
by any means possible.

Heh, feed.
Feed the need;
need the feed.

If you start to feel that itch,
you might be missing something
(something trivial?)
and you have to get online,

Go outside and get some air
for gods’ sake,
open a book,
bake a cake,
hug your beloved,
take a walk,

It’s never too late.

April 3, 2015, Poetic Asides April poem-a-day challenge.

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