Sanctum Sanctorum

Vintage postcard -1910

Sanctum Sanctorum

Depart me from the human race
the mad and frantic modern pace.
Free me from the nonsense rife
in shallow, gabbling modern life.
More of depth and thought I crave,
more kindness, blindest beauty brave.
So tired of rude humanity,
its avant guard inanity;
Venturing forth, some days it seems
one only meets the rude and mean.
One longs to be away from all,
away from small, coarse-minded squall
to somewhere peaceful, silence blest,
a place where a person’s mind can rest
with kindred spirits all about
where all would shush a bellowing lout.
A tender heart need never fear
as long as there’s a library near.

Poetic Asides, April 4, 2015, Poem a day challenge

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