How to Be Kind

How to be Kind

Be nice
Tip well
Talk more
Wipe tears
Learn CPR
Mend kites
Hold hands
Burp babies
Stop talking
Walk slower
Stop judging
Never gossip
Notice things
Bake cookies
Donate blood
Bring flowers
Say excuse me
Rescue animals
Share your food
Visit old people
Open your heart
Read to children
Pet cats and dogs
Love one another
Listen to children
Donate to charities
Let the wookie win
Don’t shame people
Turn off your phone
Always return the cart
Think before you speak
Push kids on the swings
Cook for grieving people
Help people with flat tires
Watch where you’re going
Feed the birds/squirrels/fish
Remember your own past hurt
Make extra dinner, just in case
Be aware of your surroundings
Always say please and thank you
Always visit people in the hospital
Watch peoples’ eyes when they talk
Stop worrying about yourself so much
Remember what it felt like to be small
Write names on the backs of photographs
Stand up for people who are being bullied
Don’t interrupt when someone else is talking
Try to imagine what the other person is feeling
Do unto others as you would others do unto you
Correct the cashier for giving you too much change
Be thankful for children’s gifts, no matter how small
Remember why you have two ears and only one mouth

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