My _______, the _____________.


My Heart, the Comedian

Not to complain . . .
well, actually, I have a complaint.

What’s the big idea,
you’re a muscle, that’s it.
I dig how you keep me alive
and all
every day,
but seriously,
what’s with the poor decision-making?

You drag my poor brain
along for the ride.
Whose side are you on?

My conscience, slippery fellow,
has no clue
what you’re going to do next,
and I am left to deal
with your mess.

The bitter tears you’ve caused,
the outrageous fortune
given up on your whim.

We also need to talk
about love.
It IS a beautiful thing,
and I know that Confucius said
to go wherever you go with all your heart,
but you need to try harder,
‘cause this pain is tough on all of us,
not just you.

Try to love more wisely,
and not quite so well.

Because you’re putting us

Poetic Asides, Poem-a-Day, April 20, 2015.


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