Finally, I am caught up with my daily prompts. Let’s hope I don’t get too busy again, and can continue for the rest of April.

Vintage Kiss

A Question

There is a moment, unforgettable,
when magnetism between two people
becomes almost palpable.
One can taste the tangible, thick,
somehow still subtle
and, head reeling, nerves tingling,
(am i the only one who can feel this?)
electricity jumps
between a pair of eyes.
Pupils dilate and hearts pound.

Does one repress it,
let it pass,
flush, shaking one’s head
and walk away
somehow embarrassed?

Or take a step closer
eyes pinned on one another,
tentatively touch
fingertips pulsing,
and draw close enough
to kiss?


Poetic Asides Poem-a-Day challenge, April 24, 2015.


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