Oh, the words to choose from. No, I could not choose just one, but many.  You don’t have to guess which ones Shakespeare invented, here is a list:  Words Shakespeare Invented

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Sonnet to a Critic

Thou worthless, muck-caked critic, sigh indeed.
Thy cold-blooded view caters to thy so
unreal perception, meant to sadden, bleed,
dishearten, besmirch; all for thy ego.
How unreal must be thy best compromise,
you befoul the paper on which you print;
these epileptic words but bare-faced lies;
As for what they bear of truth: not one hint.
Thy rant undresses thy skill lackluster,
mimics and shames; thy label placed on
what thy critique endows: pure bluster.
Thy laughable green-eyed view makes one yawn.
O, flawed mountaineer, climb no more. Thy ass-
assination no more than trodden grass.

Poetic Asides, Poem-a-Day Challenge, April 26, 2015

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