Once Upon a ________

Krampus 2

Krampus Nacht

Once upon a winter day,
Krampus starts to wake.
He smiles to think of naughty kids
that he must find and take.

Mean and selfish, just plain bad,
theives and liars small.
He will take them far away
and dine upon them all.

Finding them is never hard
because he always hears
cries and fear of victims,
their sorrow and their tears.

So off he goes across the land
seeking in his rage.
Juvenile offenders all
to put into his cage.

Minor crimes won’t work for him,
only evil draws his eye
He finds it abominable,
and so they have to die.

So, you children, far and near,
what I’ve said is true.
If you do not mend your ways,
Krampus comes for you!

If you want to know more about Krampus, check out the wikipedia article:


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