We are Being Watched

Water Spray - Public Domain

War of the Wettest

We creep along outside the house,
seeking for our prey.
We hear a noise, we pause, alarmed,
we will not die today!
On the attack, we surge ahead,
coming up behind.
Our victims turn in shock and awe,
our forces have combined!
The water sprays out from the hose
and hits them both full force.
Our parents laugh and fall to earth
soaked in all due course.
But soon the tide has turned again,
Dad has gained the hose.
We flee in terror, laughing loud
as he wets down our clothes.
And so the battle goes today,
til all have been accosted.
And when the fun has all been had
we all fall down, exhausted.
Laughter at the best of times,
laughter unrehearsed,
keeps our family’s heart alive
and in love submursed.


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