Simmer Down


Cool it
Go easy
Cool off
Take ten
Step back
Easy now
Take a nap
Hang loose
Mellow out
Calm down
Wind down
Settle down
Don’t panic
Take it easy
Knock it off
Don’t worry
Count to ten
Breathe easy
Take a break
Take time off
It is what it is
Cool your jets
Simmer down
Calm your tits
Take your time
Take a load off
Patch things up
Take a chill pill
Put your feet up
Control yourself
Take the edge off
Catch your breath
This too shall pass
Keep your shirt on
Go take a time-out
Take a deep breath
What’s the big deal
Give yourself credit
Get a hold of yourself
Slow down, girlfriend
Don’t worry, be happy
Time heals all wounds
Keep calm and carry on
It’s not always all about you
Don’t get your panties in a bunch
Not your circus, not your monkeys
You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


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