No Animals

They had to get rid of the dog,
he’d decided.
No dogs in the house,
had turned to no dogs at all.
The children cried,
they loved that dog,
but it had to go.

There is a sinking feeling,
when you know a person is going to
lose their shit,
go volcano,
lose it.

Until one experiences it,
it’s all a philosophical exercise.
When one lives it, life changes.
Life becomes a wary calm
that always precedes the violence.

The kids were crying,
they missed their friend,
and he came into the bedroom,
glowering blackly, like a thunder head.
She knew to expect the lightening,
but they were too sad to notice.

He pulled the oldest from the floor,
pinning him to the wall by his thin shoulders.
“Do you want me to give you something
to cry about?” he demanded, rage barely contained.
The boy, frozen, said nothing.
“DO YOU?!” He roared.
“N-nno,” the boy answered,
tears flowing harder than ever.

That’s when she knew
she had to get away from the
real animal.

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