Six Words

Treasure Map

Relent, horrendous, artifact, lagoon, wobble, and plunder.

Careless swagger, sneer
on bearded face, the pirate captain
mockingly bowed as the captive
was brought out.

With knees a-wobble, the young boy
prayed his captors would relent
and grant mercy.

Instead, they demanded
for the last time,
the treasure map to the artifact.

“I cannot tell you,
I do not know myself,”
he cried, as the horrendous crew
bellowed and shouted
for his blood.

“But I know there is a map!”
he added, “I saw a glimpse of it
once. I know it is near
a pear-shaped lagoon.”

With this, the captain’s eyes lit.
“Avast, me hearties,
We set sail on the top of the tide!
I know where our plunder lies!”

And with that, the boy’s life was spared.
At least until they reached the lagoon.


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