Before you read this, be aware there is cursing. ^_^ Lots of it. If that offends you, well, this was your warning. Carry on.


The trouble started when my girl was still small.
She liked repeating my words, one and all.
And if I happened to lose my composure
I had to try not to make full disclosure
of every curse word that I ever knew,
or sure as shit, my little girl would too.
I thought I was doing my job really well,
with hardly a damn, bastard, fuck, shit or hell.
But one day her grandma came over to stay,
and when my girl spoke she had something to say.
And then I discovered what I hadn’t known.
My daughter had a curse lexicon of her own.


2 thoughts on “Echo

    • This is actually about a friend of mine. ^_^ She had to face the fact that she cursed way more than she realized when her little girl picked it up. Good times.

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