It was a _______ and _______ Night

This is a goofy poem in which I try to tell how I met some people and learned to play D&D. I know it’s goofy. But so am I. ^_^

It was a Weird and Silly Night

At an Air-Force base in eighty-four, my husband on deployment.
I must admit it, I was bored, and looking for enjoyment.
I’d read all the books that I had, and my brains were mostly fried.
So I went to the rec-center to see what it could provide.
It wasn’t much to look at, though, and I wasn’t in the mood
for ping-pong, tai-chi classes or the snack bar, so I was screwed.
But then I noticed, in a corner at a table to themselves,
some guys all playing D&D: rogues, fighters, clerics, and elves.
I wanted to approach them then, but I was too darn shy,
So I watched them on and off, and tried to catch someone’s eye.
Finally, one of them looked up and said, “Can I help you, ma’am?
I blurted out, “Can I play too?” I thought he’d tell me to scram.
But he didn’t, he just grinned at me, a big shit-eating grin.
And his friends all smiled too, skooched over and welcomed me in.
Some of the best times I ever had were with these silly guys.
The games were the kind nobody wins, and friendship was the prize.

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