Let the Moment Begin


Let the Moment Begin:
A Poetry Reading

Heart is pounding
mouth is dry
thoughts gone crazy
all awry
step up to the
Crowd applauds, my
thoughts have flown
I don’t recall
any lines
I rack my brain
for some sign
of what to do
when I see
hopeful faces
look at me
I close my eyes
try to breathe
mind is reckless
starts to seethe
I plow onward
say my piece
the words flow smooth
until I cease
when I step down
after a pause
I’m gratified by
wild applause
Feel victorious
full of joy
Will I try again?
Oh boy…

2 thoughts on “Let the Moment Begin

  1. Hell, I’d love to be a poetry reading listening to you! I’d cheer you on so much that you’d read everything you have and then start making up rhymes extemporaneously! Loved this and love you!

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