0. Fool

First of April – a month of poetry is ahead. If you’re new here, I write every day of the months of April and November. If you want to join in, prompts are everywhere. I follow Poetic Asides. I find it helps me with my writing if I need to choose every word carefully.

AND it is fun.  Enjoy.

0. The Fool

0. The Fool


the fool

a common enough draw,
at least for me
the 0 card
a raw novice
walks off a cliff
without watching where he steps
sees the world with innocence
trusts his next move
is the right one
oblivious to unforseen disaster
that waits just ahead

haven’t we all been there
at least once?

it’s hard to watch
from the perspective of years
without at least trying
to stop him
before he


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