4. The Emperor

Today’s prompt was a “Two for Tuesday” prompt: to write about experience/inexperience. The Emperor is today’s card, so this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

4. The Emperor

4. The Emperor

4. The Emperor

The eldest son, in times of old, the empire would inherit.
And even now-a-days, I’m told, the eldest has more merit.
He’s been around the longest time, he’s learned at father’s knee.
He’s like father in his prime, the empire’s new trustee.

But, at times, the emperor chooses to remarry.
He loves his wife; to temper her his succession he’ll vary.
He’ll choose the newborn youngest son to take over his domain,
and cast the elder sons off, none of them will ever reign.

And so he turns the skilled away to please his young new bride.
His elder sons are made to pay because of father’s pride.
But in the end, the youngest son, the heir their father chose,
is unprepared when father’s done; his inexperience shows.

But it’s too late, the kingdom falls for want of expertise.
The empire’s gone, it’s lofty halls now home to birds and bees.
In pleasing youth ahead of skill the emperor was erring.
He lost his sons and their goodwill, he lost their fond adoring.

The empire once so great and strong has faded all away
it took so little to go wrong: cast off, estrange, betray.


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