5. The Heirophant/The High Priest

Ekphrastic poetry is based on a piece of art. My theme this month is the tarot, the various artwork in the cards has been lovely. The 6th card in the Major arcana is the Heirophant or the High Priest, card 5. Putting the two together, i.e., ekphrastic poetry based on the artwork of  card 5, this is what came up, a little paean to the entitled view some males have toward love.

5. Heirophant/High Priest

5. Heirophant/High Priest

5. The Heirophant (The High Priest)

So accustomed are you to the status
you hold, the eminence (you feel is earned)
don’t let her petty concerns distress you.

Impose your dark desires, tell her what she needs,
what she really wants, describe how blissful
she will be once she submits to your will.

Ignore her feeble worries, don’t listen
to her protests. You know best, after all.
Explain how your love will be so perfect.

Most importantly, don’t be surprised once
you’ve revealed all your plans for her and you,
she laughs and leaves your sorry ass behind.


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