6. The Lovers

The prompt was “Urban ______” and the card is VI, The Lovers. I wanted to write a modern sonnet, based on the Italian form, and I wanted it to address a problem in this day and age when couples flit together and apart continuously. A long explanation for what I’ve done here, I hope you enjoy it.

6. The Lovers (Fairy Tale Tarot)

6. The Lovers (Fairy Tale Tarot)

Urban Romance or, Why Does Everyone Always Get Divorced?

Lovers find their newborn love demands; a living thing
Each precious moment, teeming, rife with tragedy or bliss
Potential desperation soon prevented with a kiss
They cannot stop, they crave this drug, what only love can bring
Such depths of raw emotion fling them into the abyss
Then draw them up, lost, heartsore; no others love like this
Lovelorn, helpless to resist, naught but cupid’s playthings
Time goes ever on, my love, it passes every day
What lasts forever though, you know, is not infatuation.
When senses rush and heart goes mad, there is no long duration
What is left when, in good time, the passion fades away?
Wait and see what else can grow with friendship’s formation
Perhaps you’ll find a fascinating rationale to stay.


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