VII. The Chariot

The prompt was “doodle.” This did not leave me much breathing room because the card today is 7. The Chariot. So I let the ideas soak in for a while, and I found myself wondering about the chariot, and who invented it, and how long it was used. And then I had an image in my head of a young charioteer drawing doodles in the road with his newly-invented chariot. (The pre-history version of doing donuts, I’m sure.)

VII. The Chariot

VII. The Chariot

VII. The Chariot

The wheel had been invented a few dozen years before
Four wheeled ox carts were the boring best, easy to ignore.
But Bo had a need for speed and the oxens’ pace was slow,
so he took a broken wagon…and then, just watch him go.

He only had two wheels with a platform in the back
so he hooked up some horses, he gave them lots of slack.
Soon with a whoop and holler he was driving round the field,
drawing doodles in the dirt with a vehicle, two-wheeled

Bo was having fun so he worked on his design.
With better wheels with spokes, the chariot was refined.
But still, he wanted more, he wanted agility as well.
With a wicker frame instead, he could fly like a gazelle.

Of course, in time, others saw his mode of locomotion.
And everybody wanted one, it caused a big commotion.
Because, of course, the military saw the war potential
and soon the warriors all considered chariots essential.

All because a boy named Bo just wanted to go faster,
Proving that invention is always history’s master.
No one knows the name of he (or she!) who did this deed.
But I will bet you, anyone, they had a need for speed.


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