Justice – Serious/Silly

Tuesday’s prompt (two for Tuesday) was to write something serious or silly or both. So, after “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens, I give you XI. Justice. (Once again, the charming Portland Tarot. I love these guys.)

11. Justice - The Portland Tarot

11. Justice – The Portland Tarot

XI. Justice


Therese Defarge and the other knitting ladies
of Paris kept careful track of every sinner’s
crime, aristocrats all, in their knitted stitches.
The gentry met Madame Guillotine based solely
on the tight and angry record kept by peasants
stitching each infraction and offense with careful glee.

One wonders what stories, then, modern knitters make
with all unknowing garter stitch and stockingetted
afghan, shawl, tea-cozie, sweater, vest, or blankie.
What could those stitches tell Madame Defarge, I wonder?


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