Last ________

Today’s prompt was to write a poem based on the phrase Last _____ and replace the blank with your own take. The tarot card this will be based on is 12. The Hanged Man.  Ah, the hanged man, where all things can be possible if only change can be effected…

12. The Hanged Man

12. The Hanged Man

Last Look Back

Wondering if I’d made the right choice,
I glanced back to see if things had changed,
and there you were, still twisting in the wind,
oblivious to your poor choices and still going on
about how great it will be once we get
the band back together.

Off in the distance was your fan club,
your loyal groupies,
begging for your notice,
your attention,
a little quality time.

Yet all you seemed to see,
all you wanted
was the one thing
you just can’t have.

There is no turning back the clock.
There is no going back,
there is only forward.

It’s not too late.



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