Exercise was the prompt, and while the thought was percolating (along with the randomly drawn Four of Coins) I got a migraine. This is the best of what could be salvaged from my ragged memory. I am not quite pleased with it, yet it stays true (sort of) to both the prompt and the card (which has a meaning of success, with a penalty).

4 of Coins-Mucha Tarot

4 of Coins-Mucha Tarot

On Exercising the Right to Say Goodbye

You hold on so tightly to things that you call yours
Fussing day and nightly, and locking all your doors.
Spotlights shining brightly protect your safes and drawers
you’re saying, so politely, that this is mine, not yours.

Once you were so sprightly and fun to be around.
You loved me just slightly more than your house and grounds.
But now you hold so tightly to your pennies and your pounds
I feel almost unsightly next to golden gleam surround.

So I say politely, yet firmly, to be heard
You don’t treat me rightly though it may sound absurd,
and though I say it tritely, “Goodbye” would be the word.
Please don’t take it lightly, I remain undeterred.

Farewell, my love, goodbye, my darling dear.
I’ll hold the thought of your younger self near.



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