Take Off Those Shoes

The prompt for today (April 27) was Take Off, in reference to Secretary’s or Administrative Assistant’s day. The card was Three of Coins, a card predicting success with hard work. I wrote a little time-travel poem discussing success and the cost of such success. Would our younger selves be happy with how we turned out?  Are we?

3 of Coins

Take Off Those Shoes—a time-travel poem

Take off those high-heeled shoes,
and let down that hair.
Let me get a load of you,
I’ll try not to stare.

This is me, your younger self,
and I’m impressed as hell!
We really had it in us, sis,
We’ve done really well!

I admit, I never thought
success would be so soon.
I don’t see kids or husband, though,
or house with family strewn…

So does this mean we’re single still?
Does this mean we’re alone?
What happened to our dating life?
To dresses and cologne?

I didn’t think I wanted this,
success at such a price.
I thought that we could have it all.
Huh, wouldn’t that be nice.

Maybe now I should rethink
the choices to be made.
Why can’t women do the same
as men when all is weighed?

Now I see the penalty
success can take it’s toll.
I may need to change my mind
about our lifetime goal.

With luck we can make a change,
We’ll try another sphere.
Don’t worry sis, I’ll do my part,
and you do yours my dear.



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